Dan Letchinger

As soon as a child can walk, it seems that there’s one activity or habit that he or she does more than any other. Some dance, some sing, some paint or take things apart. I recently asked my mother what it was for me. She said I climbed.  Everything.  I’d have to agree since to this day, climbing (trees in particular) is one of my favorite things. My father’s answer was that I incessantly inquired about the world around me, and again I constantly find myself doing this daily. Curiosity is one of my most prominent traits and possibly the one I enjoy most about myself.

For additional perspectives on the person I am today, I asked my closest friends to describe me in three words. The most common responses were some form of the following: reflective/thoughtful, open/adventurous, and confident/expressive.  I agree with what my friends said and am happy to know that these are their initial thoughts. I have to say I’m surprised none of them said some version of the word “formal” as they constantly mock the way I speak (and write). I am an articulate person, but I don’t really change my demeanor according to whom I am talking.

Even still, I like to think of myself as a fun, easygoing guy who enjoys talking deeply about the things that matter most to me. This generally includes relationships, how the world works, and how we can change it and ourselves. I’m not a big fan of TV or movies or social media or anything that really distracts from an excellent conversation. With those thoughts in mind, it’s easy to see why I picked such an intensive and intentional program like Casa de la Mateada.

I enjoy cooking of all sorts and also creating/producing/listening to music. Music is my greatest passion, and I hope that whatever I do in life allows for some creativity involving music.  I started to play guitar about two years ago and just purchased a classical acoustic to learn traditional Argentine guitar.  I’m not really sure how I’ll go about doing that in Córdoba, though, given that I speak almost no Spanish.  I had one year of Spanish in high school and one quarter in college, so it’s safe to say my language skills have room to improve.   Another hobby I enjoy is photography, and that is reflected throughout this blog. Unless otherwise noted, all the photos posted are mine.  Normally I’d shoot with a DSLR, but due to space limitations and potential theft, I opted for my iPhone’s camera instead.

People are complex, and given that this is my first autobiography for my first blog, I’m left confused as what to include and what to leave out.  Consider this section a work in progress, just as all people are.  I will not, however, include the personal changes I make throughout my time in Argentina on this page.  Those will appear throughout posts and ultimately allow me to assess who I am now and who I am to become.

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